Why are Android users considered “Cheap”?


Why? Why, I ask you, why? Okay, so when I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II, I loved it. I wasn’t used to the screen size, but at this point it is so easy to use for me, and even the Samsung Galaxy S 4 feels tiny, and I also here when people are whispering about my phone, actually calling me “cheap”, because I have an Android! CHEAP! This phone cost me $300.00, and I don’t mean to say that people with iPhones are cheap, because my mom has one, and I also used to have one. I don’t get it, and in this blog post I am ranting, and ranting, and ranting! And you may notice I quote ‘The Joker’ from ‘The Dark Knight’ a lot, but hey lets do it one more time, “So here we go…”

Alright, first of all most if not everyone in most of…

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