Nexus 10 Refresh This Year: Asus | Launches & Leaks

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We all know how how heavily linked and Samsung and Google are with one another, but at times Samsung’s relationship with Google scares the folks in Mountain View. After all, Sammy’s got big ideas and plans; a lesson Apple learned the hard way. That being said, it looks like ASUS may extend it’s foothold further onto the Nexus platform.

In addition to being behind the highly-praised second-generation Nexus 7, ASUS is poised replace Samsung as the manufacturer of a refreshed Nexus 10. This according to’s Russell Holly, who has a pretty reliable track record in pinning down unannounced Google hardware. Holly reports that “multiple sources” have confirmed the arrival of an ASUS-built Nexus 10 before the end of the year. Like the current Nexus 7, the new device is to be available on the Google Play Store and brick-and-mortar retailers “in time for the holiday season,” according to the report…

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