Morning Security Brief: Yeman Al-Qaeda Plot Foiled, Fire Ravages Nairobi Airport, Android Malware Surges, Cybersecurity Census

Securing Our World

The BBC is reporting that an al-Qaeda plot to destroy oil pipelines and to seize ports has been stopped. “It appears that Yemen was at the centre of a complex and audacious plot which—had it succeeded—would have given al-Qaeda control over a crucial aspect of the country’s infrastructure,” says the BBC. “The plot involved blowing up oil pipelines and taking control of certain cities—including two ports in the south, one of which accounts for the bulk of Yemen’s oil exports and is where a number of foreign workers are employed.” Currently security is in overdrive in capital, Sanaa, where armored vehicles are roaming the streets, and surrounding important government buildings and foreign diplomatic missions. The United States and Great Britain withdrew their embassy personnel several days ago.

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