MessageMe App: The Good and Bad

Isak Rabin's Blog

MessageMe is a new mobile free messaging app. It comes with a lot of visual features and personalization. Through MessageMe app, people are able to send SMS text messages and make voice calls to their friends for free using WiFi and the phone’s data plan.

Sounds good, isn’t it? But wait … there are a lot of rumor going around that say when you receive an SMS from MessageMe, and you click the link, the same SMS will be sent out to ALL your contacts stored in your mobile phone.

WOW ….. what does it means?

Imagine if you have over 1000 contacts in your mobile phone …. it means over 1000 SMS will be sent from your mobile phone to all your contact … at the end you may incurred HUGE phone bill to pay those SMS … so be careful before clicking to any link

Also, a lot…

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