Android update app widget with ListView after phone reboot


This tutorial is followup of previous tutorial of mine named Android Showing Remote Image on ImageView of App-Widget ListView. If you look upon the class,I haven’t included any functional statement on onUpdate() method except super.onUpdate(context,appWidgetManager,appWidgetIds).

I have stated earlier that onUpdate() method is called on every update interval that is set on appwidget-provider xml file( in our case xml/widgetinfo.xml) and on every phone bootup. So, in our case as there is no functional statement on onUpdate() method, our widget will be blank after phone reboot or on phone start.If one includes,update logic on onUpdate() method of appwidget,then there is no need to care about phone reboot. But in our case we need to address phone reboot/start issue as our appwidget will be blank after phone reboot/start.

I will first point out the logic,I am going to implement on this tutorial

  1. Find out phone boot completion…

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