AlyZen Moonshadow’s Android Photo Editing Apps

AlyZen Moonshadow

OK, so here let’s talk about my Android Apps.  There aren’t that many, I’ve had to sift through literally hundreds of duds, so the ones here are the ones I either like, find useful, have one or two notable effects/filters I can use, or are ones that are also available on iOS. What’s apparent on the Android platform, (and please correct me if I’m wrong as I have no idea how the clever clogs App developers write code), is that there appear to be several identical or very similar “formulae” floating around that are being used by different App developers.  By this I mean for example on the App “Aviary”, which is also available on iOS, the filters use the image of a tree as the base picture, and as you scroll along you can see how the tree image changes with each filter.  Do a simple search under “photo…

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