20 Popular iPad Apps – Part I

Say What Again?

It’s the age of iOS or Android which means almost everyone’s got a tablet that runs on one of these platforms. Here is a list of some of the apps I have seen on almost every iPad owned by someone I know.

1. Chrome:

Let’s face it, safari ain’t all that great. Regardless of how ‘Appliac’ you consider yourself, you’ll still have the itch to use this browser. It’s one of the best browsers out there that syncs bookmarks and tabs across devices.

2. Google Search:

Whilst still on the topic, the Google search app (mother of all searches) includes weather, forex, translation, etc at one stop,

3. Evernote:

I have usually seen Evernote used by professionals to sync their lists and reminders across all their devices. It’s pretty popular among students and available on Android too.

4. Calculator:

The iPad doesn’t come with a traditional…

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