Samsung Galaxy Skin – Concept Of Future Android Smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Devices

Doesn’t it look amazing? Imagining such a device and making even a figure of it is a tough nut to crack. But then what? Who could imaging Facebook six-seven years back? Absolutely no one had thought there would be an awesome product few years from then which would really really wrap the huge earth in just a nut shell.

Similar job has been done by designer Heyon. Heyon has drawn one of the most impossible to imagine concept of flexible amoled displays. Flexible amoled are manufactured by Korean manufacturer Samsung that is currently worlds largest brand in terms of market share with a current score of about 46%. Samsung had flexible amoled in hands even two years back from now but there was lack of a great idea, a great design, a concept that could transform the way phones will be used in foreseeable future.

The concept is called Samsung…

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