Google’s New Android App Encourages Social-Giving: A Solution to Apple’s Ban on Donation Applications

Socially Minded Marketing

Anna Seacat is a marketing consultant at SociallyMindedMarketing and a graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University.  Follow her at @AnnaSeacat

As most of my followers have figured out, I am passionate about socially-minded businesses.  One such business is a local favorite of mine, Indianapolis-based, Achieve.  Achieve helps non-profit groups create memorable fundraising campaigns.  As much as I admire Achieve’s utilization of fundamental marketing communication principles to help non-profits, I am equally as enthralled with the compelling research that the company shares with social enterprises.  For example, on July 18, 2013, Achieve released its annual Millennial Impact Research report that outlined new marketing strategies, which social enterprises can employ to “attract and engage” members of Generation Y.

Donors Prefer Giving to be Easy and Enjoyable Social Experiences

Within this informative report, insights about mobile social media applications were revealed; namely, almost half of Achieve’s respondents actively followed nonprofit organizations…

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